A porcelain figure of "perdrix" bird .

Spectrum mark on the reverse.

GERMANY, Berlin, circa 1766/1767,

18th century.

Heigh: 16,3 cm.


Ovoid Tea Canister and Cover, Circa 1745-1750.

Painted in shadow of green with a Chinese making a snack. Lacework and lignes in gold on the border. Fleur de lys mark in blue.

ITALY, Capodimonte, Middle of 18th century, before 1759.

A pair of plates in porcelain  with decoration in the center of the weapons of " of Knyff " *.
China, Time(Period) Qianlong on 1736-1795. By 1740.
XVIII ° century.
Diameter 24 cms.


A porcelain plate with gray and gold decoration representing The Christmas.
Qianlong period (1736-1795).
CHINA.18th century.
Diam. 22,5 cm.


Porcelain plate with gray and gold decoration representing a scene of "Geese brother Philip" (La Fontaine tale inspired by a story by Boccaccio): a monk and a young man with two beautiful young women, one holding a parasol. On the edge four cartouche decorated with landscapes and bird reserves.
CHINA. Qianlong Period 1736-1795, middle of 18th century.
Diameter: 22.5 cm.
The scene is made from an engraving of Nicolas Larmessin II (1684-1755) after a painting by Nicolas Lancret.

A series of eight polychrome decorated porcelain statuettes depicting "The Eight Immortals* Celebrating Longevity".
CHINA, Daoguang period 1821-1850. Early 19th century.
Heights: between 22, 4 and 23.6 cm.


To the market of the Middle East. Presentation dish decorated with flowers and foliage in blue and

polychorme enamels.
Kangxi period (1662-1722) of Jiangxi Province or Fujian.
Diameter: 21.5 cm.
Mark in underglaze blue of Lingzhi mushroom sacred symbol of longevity in a double blue circle. The exotic decorative theme of this piece is typical of export porcelains. The underglaze blue decoration combined with polychrome enamels on a field outside vanilla, is a provincial production.


A Chinese porcelain fountain with Green

Family decoration.
Kangxi Period; (1662-1722).
CHINE. 18th century
Height: 41 cm.


Rectangular dish in porcelain polychrome decoration with the center of the coat of arms of the Carr Franke family.

China Qianlong period around 1770.

Eighteenth century.

Length: 33 cm.


Porcelain round dish with blue camaieu decoration of a connected bird, shrubs and rocks.
CHINA. Wan Li Period (1573-1621).
Diameter : 29.7 cm

Pair of rectangular dishes with cut sides in porcelain with polychrome and gold decoration of the Green Family of chinoiseries in landscapes. The wing decorated with butterflies and flowers.
China. Kangxi period: 1662-1722.
Chine, 18th century.
Length: 31.3 cm. Width: 22 cm.


Milk jug in porcelain with polychrome decoration from the East India Company, Famille Rose of a maritime landscape with Dutch and boats.

China. Qianlong period: 1736-1795. XVIII°s.

H: 13,5 cm.


Oval terrine covered in porcelain with polychrome and gold decoration from the Green Family of phoenixes, flowering branches and flowers. The side sockets in the form of shells.

China, Kangxi period 1662-1722.


L:31 cm, l: 22cm, H:15,5cm.


Small rectangular shaped teapot with cut sides in porcelain with polychrome decoration of the Famille Verte of flowering branches. The handle in imitation of "bamboo". The lid is surmounted by a Fö dog.

China,Kangxi period 1662-1722.


L:11,5 cm, l: 7cm, H:16cm.


A pair of Famille Verte octagonal jar in China porcelain with a polychrome decoration, each facet with flowers, birds, animals, and furniture, Buddhist and precious emblems.

Kangxi period (1662-1722).

Height: 42.5 cm; Diameter: 26 cm.

Cf. Similar form in R.L. Hobson, Catalogue of Leonard Gow Collection of Chinese Porcelain, 1931, n°145 plate XXX.

Two porcelain vases of cylindrical shape forming a pair with blue monochrome decoration of dragons and flowering foliage in braids. Lambrequins with collars.
China. Kangxi period: 1662-1722.
18th century.
Heights : 30 and 29 cm ; Diameter : 11 cm.



Porcelain bowl with a polychrome design of village scenes in multiple foil, brown lined cartouches, standing-out on a purple background with flowered branches.
Gold line on the border, decorated inside with a lakeside scene in a medallion formed inside a double red filet.
Marked with blue swords
GERMANY, Meissen, circa 1745.
Diameter : 15 cm

Set of six porcelain birds with polychrome decoration naturally representing Swallow, Wagtail, Wagtail, Tit, Goldfinch and Robin.
GERMANY, Meissen, Saxony,
around 1745-1750 18th century.
Heights from 9 to 14 cm.


A porcelain chardonneret bird .
Model by J.J Kandler,

GERMANY, Meissen, Saxe, circa1748,

18th century.
Heigh: 13 cm.


Porcelain group representing a hunting scene; three dogs surrounded by a wild bull.
Model of Johan Joachim Kaendler, blue marked two crossed swords.
GERMANY, Meissen, Saxe. Circa 1745.
Length: 16 cm.


A porcelain group of boy with leopard. Crossed swords mark in underglaze-blue.
Model by J.F. Eberlein,

GERMANY, Meissen, Saxe. Circa 1750.
Height. 9cm


A pair porcelain figurines representing a man with a dog and a woman with a sheep.

Model of J.J Kaendler,

GERMANY, Meissen, Saxe, circa 1755.

Height: 24,8 and 24,3 cm.


Two Figures of Young Ladies Playing Instruments, Circa 1755-60.

They are seated with their instruments, zithare and bagpipe, wearing dresses with flowers. The base applied with leaves, flowers and rocailles. Faint traces of crossed swords mark in blue.

Modelled by J.J. Kaendler after drawing of Boucher.

ALLEMAGNE, Saxe, Meissen, Circa 1755-60. 18th century.

Height : 11 and 11.5 cm.

These figures come from a group, a band.

Other examples kept at the Cognacq-Jay Museum, Paris.

Cf. Andraina d’Agliano, European Porcelain from the Zerilli-Morimo Collection. Milan 2014.

Model by P.Reinicke,

Two Meissen Blackamoor Figures representing a man and a woman, wearing Turkish clothes, the bases applied with leaves and flowers. Crossed swords mark in underglaze-blue to the rear of the base to him, faint traces of crossed swords mark in blue to her.

GERMANY, Meissen, Saxe. Circa1748, 18th century.

Height : 13 and 14 cm ; Diameter : 4 and 5 cm.

Cf. Yvonne Adams, Meissen Figures, Schiffer publishing Ltd 2001, page 196 n° 522.


Porcelain figure of Harlequin playing bagpipes.
GERMANY, Meissen. Circa 1740, blue crossed swords mark at the reverse, the model by J. J. Kändler.
Height: 14 cm.


Porcelain figure of Pantalone from the Duke of Weissenfels series.
SAXE, GERMANY, Meissen. Circa 1743, blue crossed swords mark at back, the model by J.J. Kändler and P. Reinicke
Height. 13,3 cm


Porcelain figure of The Squire of Alsatia, Street traders of London. Model by J.J. Kaendler and P. Reinicke circa 1754. Sword-mark in blue on the plinth, scratch-mark “9” under the plinth.

GERMANY, Meissen 18th century.

Height: 14,4 cm Diameter: 8,3 cm


Meissen porcelain jug with polychrome landscapes.
SAXE, GERMANY, Meissen. 18th century, around 1740/45.
Height: 21,5 cm.


Two pots covered with polychrome decoration in porcelain (soft past) large bouquets of flowers.
Mark D.V. for Duc de Villeroy.
FRANCE, Mennecy. 18th century.
Heigth : 16 cm


A porcelain continuation of 12 plates (or 2x6) with polychrome decoration of garlands of pink and morning glory at the rim, and flowers at the center. Ligne in gold on the border.

Marked in double L crossed for Sevres factory and “pp” for 1793.

Marked of painter : Le Bel jeune, Fumez, Bunel, de Laroche.

FRANCE, Sèvres:18th century.

Diameter: 23 cm Height: 2.7 cm.


Figure of an "Trempeur de mouillettes" modelled in bicuit in soft past by Suzanne after model of Boucher.

"LR16" For Le Riche under the base.

FRANCE, Sèvres. Circa 1780 / 1785.

18th century.

Height: 20 ,5 cm.


Figure of an "La mangeuse de Bouillie" modelled in bicuit in soft past by Suzanne after model of Boucher.

"LR16" For Le Riche under the base.

FRANCE, Sèvres. Circa 1780 / 1785.

18th century.

Height: 19 cm.


A pair of figure of « Le Batteur en grange » and « La Batteuse de beurre » circa 1757.

Modelled as a young man holding a flail in his right hand, his left on a tree-stump, a flagon on the ground at his feet on a square base. Incised F for Falconet, director of the workshop of sculptures (1757-1766). Modelled by Suzanne, after Boucher, in 1757.

Modelled as a dairymaid standing driving a butter-churn at her side, a pan of butter on the ground before her, on a square base. Incised F for Falconet, director of the workshop of sculptures (1757-1766). Modelled by J-B Defernex, after G. Allegrain, after F. Boucher. Order executed for the dairy of Crécy, domain of Mrs de Pompadour.

FRANCE, Sèvres.

Heigher : 21.5 and 21 cm.

Cf. Emile Bourgeois, fig.102 and fig. 103, Ruth Berges, New-York, 1967, pl. 247 and 248, Svend Eriksen, French Porcelain, Copenhague, 1980, n°65 for “Le Batteur en grange”, La Manufacture des Lumières by Tamara Préaud and Guilhem Scherf, Editions Faton 2015, p.97 ; Falconet à Sèvres ou l’art de plaire, Musée national de Céramique, Sèvres, RMN Paris 2001, p 112 for « la Batteuse de beurre ».

Porcelain biscuit group representing "Grape eaters" after François Boucher.
France, Vincennes around 1752-55.
18th century.
Height : 23,5 cm; Length : 24,5 cm.

Pour un modèle similaire voir par Emile Bourgeois, "Les Biscuits de Sèvres" pl.1 n°313. Par Adrian Sassoon, "Vincennes and Sèvres Porcelain, Catalogue of the collections (J.Paul Getty Museum), Malibu, 1991, p.29-35. Et pour les illustrations du modèle en terre cuite et d'un en biscuit, voir Tamara Préaud et Guilhem Scherf, "La Manufacture des Lumières, la sculpture à Sèvres de Louis XV à la Révolution, Dijon, 2015, pp.50, 196,198 et 298.

Goblet Hebert and its saucer with lobed rim in porcelain with polychrome decoration of garlands of flowers in reserves surrounded by gold garlands of flowers, net and gold wolf teeth on the edges. The handle is formed of two intertwined branches decorated with combed.
Mark of the two intertwined Ls. The cup bears the date-letter D for the year 1757.
Decorator Gomery (active 1756-1788) The saucer is marked by the painter Marie-Catherine Caton (1753-1760 and 1764-1788).
France, Vincennes . XVIII° century.
Diameter : 12,5 cm ; Height : 6,5 cm.


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