Meubles et Objets d'Art

A Brussels Tapestry, After A Design By Van Orley And Coppens.
Middle of 18th Century.
Dim. : 304 x 292 cm.

Roll top desk in speckled mahogany and veneer of mahogany, top of white marble. Three drawers and a cylinder opening on a tablet with four drawers and two lockers. Tapered and fluted legs.
Stamped of Joseph Schmitz, master in 1761. Period of Louis XVI.
Dimensions : High : 114 cm ; Height : 127 cm ; Depth : 62 cm.

Large blown glass with round cup and high foot with balusters and numerous rings, round base. Goblet carved with a wheel of flowers and stylised foliage.
GERMANY, Nuremberg, 17th century.
Diameter: 12,4 cm. Height: 23,8 cm.


Pair of faceted glass sprinklers of baluster form on pedestal.
Bohemia, circa 1730. 18th century.
Height : 20,5 cm ; Diameter : 8 cm.

IMG_5721 (966x1280).jpg


Tulip shaped goblet in colorless etched glass. Conical cut cut with 10 sides ending in a doucine, adorned with the initials "LJW" surmounted by a crown of marquis and seed cartouches with musicians and soldiers. Foot and collar engraved with festoon in triangle. Faceted cut ring. Pologne, Silesia Around 1730.

D: 6,3 cm; H: 10 cm.