CAFAGGIOLO (or Faenza)

Tondino in majolica with polychrome decoration called "stile bello", in the center of a floret (derived from the Persian palmette) and four green leaves on a background of foliage, and large tracery formed by two flat ribbons yellow standing out against a blue background. Border decorated with festoons. Reverse decorated with multiple blue threads.
Italy, Cafaggiolo, Around 1500-1510, early 16th century.

Diam: 19,4 cm.

The attribution to Cafaggiolo is given by Galeazzo Cora and Angiolo Fanfani in "La maiolica di Cafaggiolo" by a dish with the same decoration of the wing, n ° 125 p. 135, Centro di Firenze Edition 1982.


Deruta (Italy), jug in faïence with polychrome decoration "à trofei" . Inscription: "SY* IVIVBI"
ITALY, Castel-Durante. Circa 1638.
Height: 21 cm


Dish faïence with polychrome decoration in "istoriato" representing the one episode of the war Cascina between Florence and Pise in 1364.
ITALY, Urbino. Sixteenth century, to 1535-45.
Diamètre : 23,7 cm.

Albarello in majolica with polychrome decoration of a portrait of a young woman in the left profile. In a banner the inscription "Ung de corb s cast". On the back, blue stylized ribbons motif.
ITALY, Casteli, around 1555/1565. 16th century.
Height: 19 cm.
Workshop of Orazio Pompei (1507-1589).


A majolica chevrette with polychrome decoration of two figures a man and a woman. Pharmaceutical inscription “O.D.S.LINI.”. Orsini-colona, work of Pompei,

ITALY, Castelli. circa 1545-1550. 16th century.

Height : 28 cm. Diameter: 21 cm.


Albarello in majolica polychrome decoration of a woman in profile bust, the inscription "MELISSA" in a banner and garlands of foliage. Lapel adorned with ribbons.

ITALY, Deruta. Around 1500.

Height: 25 cm; Diameter: 14 cm.

Cf. Musée National de la Renaissance Château d'Ecouen, catalogue d'exposition octobre 2011 - février 2012, La faïence italienne au temps des humanistes 1480-1530, n°32 p. 78, Editions de la RMN-Grand-Palais, Paris 2011.

J. Giacomotti, Catalogue des majoliques des musées nationaux, n°419 à 422 p. 115. Ed. des musées nationaux, Paris 1974.

Un exemplaire plus petit exposé à Londres à la Courtauld Gallery, inv. 01966GP102.


Deruta (Italy), jug in faïence with polychrome decoration. Apothecary inscription : “O.ROSATO".
ITALY, Deruta. Circa 1540-1550.
Height: 19.4 cm


Deruta (Italy), jug in faïence with polychrome decoration.
ITALY, Deruta. Circa 1530
Height: 30 cm


A Deruta majolica cup with polychrome decoration « a istoriato » representing the birth of Adonis*.

Workshop of Giacomo Mancini said il Frate in Deruta, circa 1540.

Diam. 25,5 cm.

*Adonis is the son of Myrrha and Cinyras, king of Chypre. Gods transformed Myrrha in tree, Adonis is born into the tree.

Based on the engraving by Benedetto Montagna, La Nascita di Adone, 1515-1520, in the Washington National Gallery of Art.

Cf. Musée du Louvre (inv. OA 1490) et (inv. OA 1699).

For a similar dish, see the Urbino earthenware dish in the Rouen museum around 1530 : the more elaborate treatment details the different episodes in Adonis' history, probably from the painting by Giorgione.


Dish in majolica with polychrome decoration in the center of the representation of Holy in foot with its stick of pilgrim on bottom of landscape and of a streamer carrying the inscription : "IBIT. AD GIFMINOS. LUCIDA FAMA POLLOS FIAT"
ITALY, Deruta. Circa 1520. 1530. 16th century.
Diameter : 38 cm
Former collection Bordonaro (Sicily). Coll ITALIKA; No. 186 p.402 and 403.


Large majolica dish with polychrome decoration of a saint Jean-Baptiste in the center with background landscape. Registration "Jean Baptiste".

ITALY, Deruta. 16th century.
Diam. 42,5 cm


Majolica luster dish with Arms in the center and reserves, foliage leaves.
Rim adorned with rows of kernels.
ITALY, Deruta. First third of 16th century.
Diam. 35 cm.

Polychrome earthenware plaque representing the Crucifixion with Mary, Saint John and Mary Magdalene. In the centre of the composition stands the cross with Christ in the closed eyes, two angels holding chalices collect divine blood; on either side, the Virgin and John, hands joined; Mary Magdalene kneeling embraces Christ's feet surrounding the stipe with her two arms; landscape in the background with river and city of Jerusalem; framing with a frieze of water leaves.
Marked on the reverse side "D. / 1565/.F.
Workshop of Giacomo Mancini known as El Frate
ITALY, Deruta, Third quarter of the 16th century. Length: 30.5 cm. Height: 39.8 cm.



Two vases in the shape of a pine tree's fruit made of earthenware with  luster decoration.

ITALY, Deruta, From the first quarter of the 16th century.

Height: 13,5 and 14,5 cm.


A maiolica baluster vase with two handles, jewels and fluting polychrome decoration.
ITALY, Deruta. First third of the 16th century.
Height : 32.5 cm.


A large maiolica albarellowith polychrome decoration "a quartieri" with Ste Apollonia and opposite mask, dolphins and foliages.
Workshop of Virgiliotto Calamelli, 
ITALY, Faenza. Circa 1550-1570.
Height : 46 cm.


“Crespina” in faïence with polychrome decoration “a quartieri” with in the center a Saint (Saint Agatha?) surrounded with foliage on alternately blue or yellow fund.
ITALY, Faenza. Circa 1535-40, 16th century.
Diameter: 25 cm.


Crespina, with "berettino" decoration in the centre of Saint Francis receiving the stigmata and on the wing and edge "a quartieri " foliage.
Marked « B » on the back. Possible attribution to the Bergantini family, circa 1535-45. Sixteenth century.

ITALY, Faenza.
Diameter: 25,7 cm.


Tondino in faïence with coat of arms in the center surrounded with circling ribbons on blue bottom.
Coat of arms of Bentivoglio, Lords of Bologna.
ITALY, Faenza. Beginning of 16th century.
Diameter : 24,5cm


A large majolica baluster vase decorated “a compendiario” with Elie and Moïse in blue, yellow and ocher yellow.
ITALY, Faenza. End of the 16th century or beginning of 17th century.
Height : 60 cm.


“tondino” in faience with polychrome decoration in the center a clergyman holding a crucifix and a book of the Bible probably. Border with Persian palmette. ITALY, Montelupo. Circa 1520, 16th century. Diameter: 25,6 cm


A majolica albarello with polychrome decoration of feather of peacock and wearing the gothic inscription :”diariamomo”.

ITALY, Pesaro. Circa 1470-1480. End of 15th century.

H. 19,5 cm. D. 16 cm


Tondino in faïence with polychrome decoration.

Assigned  to Bernardino di Benedetto del Berna, workshop GIUNTA.
ITALY, Ravenne Circa 1520.16th  century.
Diameter : 24.5 cm


Pair of faïence vases with handles polychrome decoration. On the belly of two busts in medallions representing the Annunciation and the Virgin crowned, surrounded by flowers and foliage of dolphins stylized monochrome blue back. Arms of Santa Maria Convent of Servi.
Dated 1661. Workshop of Chigi di S. Quirico d’Orcia.
ITALY, Sienne. Second part of the 17th century.
Height: 33,6 cm.


Cup "crespina" in majolica, with full polychrome decoration, of a representation of the month of December.
A lively village of locals busy preparing a pig and warming up by a fire.
On the right, a standing man holds an ax and fagots. On the reverse, the inscription: IVNIVS DECEMBRE.

ITALY, Urbino, 16th century.

Diam: 27 cm.

Cup with polychrome decoration a istoriato, representing the loves of Mars and Venus with four loves.
Possible attribution to Francesco Durantino who worked in the workshop of Guido di Merlino between 1543 and 1547.
ITALY, Urbino,16th century
Diameter :25,3 cm.

*Mars, god of war, only renounces bearing arms when he's in love especially with Venus, whom he holds here in his arms, before being surprised by Vulcan.
Provenance: private collection.
References :
Dish representing Proserpine and her companions by Francesco Durantino in the Gillet Collection: Carola Fiocco, Gabriella Gherardi, Sfeir-Fakhri, Italian Majolica from the Musée des Arts Décoratifs de Lyon, n°169 p.253. Ed.Faton, Dijon 2001.
Another dish with Proserpine by Francesco Durantino dated 1544 in the Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, inv. n° F3512. Elena Ivanova, catalogue of the exhibition of the Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche in Faenza, n°53 p. 82. Ed. Electa, Milano 2003.
A dish from Urbino, glossy in Gubbio, presents faces with lowered eyelids like our cup: A.V.B. Norman, Catalogue of Ceramics 1, Wallace Collection, n°c98 p.202, The Trustees of the Wallace Collection, London 1976.




Rectangular  fountain in Urbino majolica with natural polychrome decoration. It is surmounted by a child Bacchus holding in his hands a glass and a pitcher,
ITALY, Urbino, Patanazzi workshop, around 1580, second half of the 16th century.
Height: 45 cm.


Group in majolica representing couple playing music, the young woman with a lyre, fauna with panpipes.
ITALY, Venice. Circa 1575-1600, Workshop Patanazzi.
Height : 27,5 cm


Cup in majolica with polychrome decoration “Istoriato” representing resurrection.
ITALY, Venise. Middle of the 16th century
Diameter : 27 cm.


A Maiolica istoriato footed dish, circa 1550/60.

Probably by Mazo, painted with a scene depicting a soldier, perhaps Jupiter, watched by an eagle, all in a wooded landscape with sea and mountains.

ITALY, Venise.

Diameter : 26.2 cm. Height : 4.7 cm.

Cf. Similar item on Angelica Alvera Bortolotto, Storia della Ceramica a Venezia, tav. LXXXVII, Ed. Sansoni Firenze1981.


A Venezia Vase-bowl fully decorated in ochre, yellow, black on blue-ground scattered with military trophies including shields helmets, drums and music partitions. Concentric blue and ochre lines at the neck and foot.Workshop of maestro Domenico, circa 1560.

ITALY, Venise, Middle of 16th century.

Height : 24 cm.

Cf. Similar item on Angelica Alvera Bortolotto, Storia della Ceramica a Venezia, tav. LXXXIX, Sansoni 1981.


A majolica jar with polychrome decoration of scrolls and stylized flowers foliage on a blue background and two medallions with a head of a young man and a warrior. Workshop of Maestro Domenico.
ITALY, Venice. Circa 1560-1570.
Height: 24 cm Diameter: 25 cm.


Ovoid vase in majolica with polychrome decoration the broad rinceaux one flowered on blue bottom and of an oval cartouche representing Holy François with the bible in the left hand and a cross in the right hand.
About 1560.
ITALY, Venice. 16th century.
Height : 30cm

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